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Request an appointment at the Brandow Clinic today! Please fill out the form below to request your appointment for plastic surgery or any of our Med Spa procedures. You will get a personalized response from a staff member at the clinic. We look forward to hearing from you! Consultations with Dr. Brandow are complimentary, however second opinions and overseas surgical patients requiring follow up visits will be charged $150 per visit.

    Facial Procedures:

    FaceliftDeep Plane FaceliftShort Scar FaceliftBoomer LiftNeck LiftNeck LiposuctionLip LiftLip ReductionFat TransplantChin ImplantEyelid SurgeryBrow Lift / Forehead LiftEarlobe Repair

    Breast Enhancement:

    Breast ImplantsBreast AugmentationScarless Breast ImplantsBreast LiftBreast Implants with LiftBreast ExplantBreast Implant RemovalBreast Implant ReplacementBreast Reduction

    Body Contouring:

    Arm LiftLiposuctionThigh LiftTummy Tuck

    Plastic Surgery For Men:

    FaceliftFat TransplantNeck LiposuctionChin ImplantLiposuctionEyelid Surgery

    Forehead LiftSkin Peels / Obagi Blue Peel

    Cosmetic Injectables:

    Dermal FillersBotox Cosmetic

    Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures:

    Hair Restoration Using PRP & PRFMMicroneedling with PRPLaser Hair RemovalSkin Peels / Obagi Blue PeelIntense Pulsed Light (IPL) FotofacialFacial Treatments



    The Brandow Clinic offers facial surgery, breast augmentation, body sculpting, laser procedures, hair restoration, skin care treatments, Obagi and Avène products, and more. Plastic surgery can offer subtle, yet transformative results that help inspire confidence in your appearance. Dr. Brandow and his team can tailor each procedure to best fit your needs and goals. Learn more about our cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques, as well as the treatments offered at our Medical Day Spa during your consultation at one of our locations in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area locations. Our staff is on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding cosmetic surgery.

    Dr. Brandow is the founder and director of the Brandow Clinic, as well as a leader in plastic surgery. With decades of international training and expertise across the United States, Asia, South America and the Caribbean, Dr. Brandow continues to achieve beautiful, comprehensive results for his patients. Dr. Brandow and his talented team of nurses and assistants provide personalized care for each individual undergoing treatment at the Brandow Clinic. The Brandow Clinic offers two convenient plastic surgery locations throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas to treat patients across the Tri-State area.