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    When choosing to undergo plastic surgery in Philadelphia, patients seek the expertise and talent of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kirk Brandow, MD, FAACS. Dr. Brandow specializes exclusively in plastic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. He is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and internationally trained in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Contact us to schedule a consultation today at either of our two convenient plastic surgery locations in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas.


    Facial Plastic surgery

    Dr. Brandow offers facial plastic surgery to patients in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas and prides himself on providing natural-looking, subtle results. Facelift surgery can smooth wrinkles and furrows around the upper, mid and lower face. Deep plane facelift surgery tightens and reshapes the underlying musculature, providing significant lifted results that are long-lasting. The short scar facelift can target the mid face for patients noticing the first signs of facial aging. Patients seeking lower facial rejuvenation can opt for a lip lift to correct lines & folds. Dr. Brandow also offers lip reduction to improve lip contours and proportions. A neck lift can also target the lower face by tightening loose neck skin and accentuating the jawline. Chin implants can bring forward a receding chin to add natural-looking definition.

    Dr. Brandow can also perform eyelid surgery and a brow lift / forehead lift to target crow’s feet and wrinkles around the brows and eyelids. Fat transplant techniques are available to smooth areas of lost facial volume. Additionally, earlobe repair surgery can restore natural shape to torn or stretched earlobes.

    Breast Enhancement and Augmentation

    Body sculpting & Body contouring

    Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures & Injectables