Patient Testimonials

Read reviews from real patients who have underwent plastic surgery at the Brandow Clinic and see what people are saying about our top plastic surgeon, Dr. Kirk Brandow.

Plastic Surgery Testimonials

  • Patient Testimonial – Joan

    Just had to write and thank you for telling me you would fix my neck.  I was so worried but when you told me you would do a Revision I felt so much better and relieved.  You area  wonderful and talented surgeon but also you are a wonderful human being and that counts for so much.  I am so very thankful Esther and I found you.

  • Patient Testimonial – Julie M.
    Julie M.

    For you, Dr. Brandow for being the super person and talented surgeon you are.  God has granted you this great skill.  May he bless you and your family everyday.

  • Patient Testimonial – Jill S.
    Jill S.

    Thank you so much for your technical ability, but most of all for your vision.  My 50th reunion was Saturday night and I see the pictures online- I look good! It’s amazing but you have the gift to gauge the final effect.  I sort of freaked out along the way and I apologize.  Again, thank you very much!

  • Patient Testimonial – Teresa

    I’m so pleased with the results of your masterful craftsmanship! I’ve had full confidence in your ability from the beginning and it has increased with each procedure.  Without you I would not have transformed, feeling and looking more beautiful at every turn.  My humble gratitude to your kind heartedness!

  • Patient Testimonial – Karen B.
    Karen B.

    Thank you very much (no other word) to express myself to your wonderful work.  I had no pain and feel good for my first time.  With all my best thanks and regard.

  • Patient Testimonial – No Name
    No Name

    As always, you were a huge help to me!! It meant a lot when you came out to the waiting area to sit and talk with me. Your sincere interest in my injuries and your helpful advice really comforted me. You know I am so obsessed with having the best skin and you tried to reassure me that everything would be fine- either naturally or with other methods. I trust that we will tackle any scars together!! It will just mean that I will see you even more often! Yes!

    You are an asset to The Brandow Clinic Team!!

  • Patient Testimonial – No Name
    No Name

    Thank you so much for all your efforts to improve the look and feel of my knee!! You are such a credit to your profession. The field of plastic surgery has really benefited from your expertise, dedication, knowledge and commitment to excellence. I have the utmost trust in your advice, your opinion and your medical actions. Thanks for always being there to help improve me!!

  • Patient Testimonial – Teagan A
    Teagan A

    Thank you for being so supportive and helpful during this life changing experience.  I am so happy with my results, I couldn’t imagine a better team guiding me through this journey.

  • Patient Testimonial – Jennifer A.
    Jennifer A.

    I can not thank you enough, you have made my dreams come true.

  • Patient Testimonial – No Name
    No Name

    I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so much for your absolutely amazing work with my surgery. The one thing I was very self-conscious of, you’ve really made me feel great about.

    You truly are an incredibly skilled doctor and I’m very grateful for the work you’ve done for me. And a thanks to your entire staff for being so professional and making me feel comfortable and at ease during the process.

    I’m so happy with my results! Hope we meet again.

  • Patient Testimonial – Thoy G
    Thoy G

    Thanks Dr. Brandow for always taking good care of me.  I look and feel good because of you! You are an artist!

  • Patient Testimonial – No Name
    No Name

    I want you to understand how much you have done for me by giving me my face back! I am no longer self-conscious or shudder when someone is beside me. My profile looks good. Getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror is the best part. The face I saw months ago, I did not recognize. I was drawn, sagging, tired, ands haggard. I now smile in the mirror and this great looking face smiles back. You gave me my life back!

    My relatives look at me a little differently and are not sure what happened. I am relieved and feel refreshed.

    This past year has been extremely difficult with my mother’s illness. During my surgery process you were kind, gentle and understanding. My mother’s recent operations have also been a success. I am sorry I have not had time to write this letter before now. Life it just beginning to get back to normal. There were so many times I said, “thank you, Dr. Brandow,” out loud at home. I thought of you many times.

    I can’t wait to go out with my friends to see their reaction. I have not seen any of them yet. It will be so much fun.

    Thank you so very much!

  • Patient Testimonial – Phoung K.
    Phoung K.

    Your kindess and talent is greatly appreciated.  I requested these two posterity praised by Lama Monlam from Tibet for your.  Please choose a nice frame and put it in your office (where you receive the clients and business meetings).  I wish to pay back your help and making me as a confident person.  I will use this change and help you back for your business also for your family.

  • Patient Testimonial – Martha

    The results of my abdominoplasty were fantastic. Your staff gave such impeccable service to the last detail. I was especially impressed with the booklet you give your patients, which explains the procedure results, recuperation time, etc. This was the best I ever  had. Staying at the Haverford Estate was like a mini vacation.