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Our Cosmetic Surgery Staff

Our staff at The Brandow Clinic attends to your every need, and offers support and important pre- and post-procedure care and information.

Brandow Clinic Staff

At The Brandow Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery, we believe that looking and feeling the best that you can is a matter of choice – informed, well-considered, personal choice about the procedures, treatments and wellness options that will best help you achieve your goals. As you consider your options, the professional staff at The Brandow Clinic is always available to assist you, both throughout your decision-making process, and over the course of any procedure that you may elect. In addition to their stellar professional credentials, each member of our staff also shines in their personal commitment to meeting our patients’ needs. After all, the Philadelphia area’s top plastic surgeon needs the top staff to match.

Diane Garcia

Diane Garcia

Office Manager at the Bala Cynwyd Office

Diane has been working with Dr. Brandow as the front desk coordinator since 2003. She worked for over 16 years in customer service before joining Dr. Brandow’s team. Yes, Diane is the person with the friendly, warm, vivacious phone voice and who makes you feel welcome greeting you with a big smile when you come to the Bala Cynwyd office. She oversees the schedule for both offices, will call to confirm your appointment and expertly manages the patient flow in the office. She is qualified in secretarial support to a team requiring high quality work; she has good analytical and objective skills, making sure to ‘stay ahead of the curve’ for important deadlines. Diane, as the first person you meet at the Brandow Clinic, is the communicator making sure Dr. Brandow is aware of our patients concerns and questions.

Diane truly loves meeting new patients as well as assisting patients who have been with us for years. “ I call the Brandow Clinic team ‘my family away from home’ because we have a special connection and respect for each other that comes from a shared goal…wanting to give our patients the best experience and making them feel special.”

Kathleen Scotto

Kathleen Scotto

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the Bala Cynwyd and Somers Point Offices

Kathleen has worked with Dr. Brandow as an LPN since 2002. Her kind and calm manner will guide you through your Brandow Clinic experience. From your initial consultation where she will meet to discuss your medical history through post-op recovery and follow-up, Clinic Nurse, Kathleen La Brie, provides support and assistance—answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and insuring your comfort. “I want to let patients know I understand their concerns and even their fears before surgery and try to offer an understanding ear combined with a keen knowledge of the medical procedures to help put them at ease. I want our patients to feel comfortable and confident by having all their questions answered.” Kathleen also conducts your pre-op appointment and will call you after your surgery to monitor your care.

Kathleen joined The Brandow Clinic from Tampa, Florida, where she spent five years as a cosmetic surgery nurse.

Jean GallagherJean Gallagher

Laser Expert Esthetician for our Bala Cynwyd, Rittenhouse and Jersey Shore Offices

Jean rejoined the Brandow Clinic Team in 2017 after working with lasers in our med spa from 1998-2008.  She transferred to Jefferson University for speciality laser and non surgical, body contouring training for 8 years, and decided to return to our team to head up Body Contouring with Cool Sculpting, Laser Skin rejuvenation and hair removal.  Jean has 20 years of experience caring for post operative cosmetic surgery patients, as well as specialized techniques in post op lymphatic drainage for facial and body contouring patients. Her 20 years of experience in post op patient care and laser sculpting expertise have bene a tremendous complement to the Brandow Clinic Med Spa Team.  Jean is certified in Skin Rejuvenation using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Laser Technology, Hair Removal, Advanced Chemical Exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling, Cool Sculpting, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki.

As a skincare specialist, Jean can help you determine the most appropriate course of action as it pertains to facial and body treatments, as well as skincare product selection.  Jean’s philosophy is to educate each client so he or she may choose the best procedure and skincare regimen to make a significant improve in their appearance.



Christine Tran

Christine Tran

Esthetician for our Bala Cynwyd Office

Christine joined the Brandow Clinic team in 2017 to fill in for our long time esthetician, Lana Taggart, who went to the position of overnight nursing and concierge care for Dr. Brandow’s patients who need overnight care (facelifts, tummy tucks and larger surgeries). Christine is an esthetician who has worked at Eden’s Medical Spa performing services such as hydrafacials, laser hair removal, radio frequency, ultra shape and body contouring treatments. She graduated from Venus Beauty Academy in 2016 and began her work at Eden’s Medical Spa shortly thereafter where she became extremely busy and performed facials, body treatments, etc.

Christine had always been attracted to cosmetic surgery and wanted to combine her esthetician services with the med spa services, and expressed these interests with Dr. Brandow years ago, but the timing has worked out that we are welcoming Christine to provide her services on Mondays and Fridays in our Bala Cynwyd office.

Christine brings some of the services one would normally find in a spa to The Brandow Clinic to help patients feel pampered and allow them to be treated as they were in a salon/spa environment. In addition to being skilled in endermologie and body massages, she also performs waxing and specialized cellulite treatments which are necessary to improve the healing from body surgeries such as tummy tucks, liposuction and body lifts.


Karen Feriozzi

Karen Feriozzi

Receptionist for our South Jersey Office

Karen joined our team two years ago and is the friendly face you will encounter when you come to our South Jersey office in Somers Point, New Jersey. Karen lives in Linwood, New Jersey and has raised four boys who are in college and working in professional careers. She came to the Brandow Clinic with a calm, warm, inviting personality which she thought would be an asset to our South Jersey office. When Dr. Brandow met Karen he instantly asked her to work as our front desk receptionist and patient coordinator and she accepted. She believes that her experience working in a busy hair salon for 10 years gave her the experience and the attitude to help run the busy South Jersey Office for the Brandow Clinic. Karen graduated from Atlantic County Vocational School in 1977 with an emphasis in cosmetology.

When you call the Brandow Clinic South Jersey office you will instantly fall in love with Karen and realize she is a knowledgable, organized, kind hearted coordinator who will make sure that your appointments and last minute touch up procedures are scheduled as quickly and as soon as possible.


Maria Spagnuolo

Maria Spagnuolo

Permanent Make Up Artist for our Bala Cynwyd and Rittenhouse Square Offices

Maria Spagnuolo is a permanent make up artist with 20 years of experience in the spa /salon and permanent make up business. As an independent contractor who works in our office as a permanent make up artist, Maria has the feel and eye for color which is necessary to give patients the most natural looking eye brow and eye liner, so that no one will even know they had color added. She is also skilled in tatooing of scars that have lost color, and utilizes Dr. Brandow’s medical grade anesthetic creams to help make your experience as painless and comfortable as possible. Maria is available to help Dr. Brandow’s patients one day a week and performs touch ups for patients at their convenience. She works in our Bala Cynwyd and Rittenhouse Square offices and is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Stephanie Brandow

Stephanie Brandow

Bookkeeper at the Bala Cynwyd Offices

Stephanie Brandow, Dr. Brandow’s wife and the Brandow Clinic Office Manager, has been part of the Brandow Clinic since its establishment in 1997. Stephanie has had various roles at the practice from marketing to patient coordination, but now her current position is part- time record keeping for all three of our offices.

Stephanie is currently an active volunteer of the Chestnut Hill Committee for The Philadelphia Orchestra. Prior to September 12th 2014, she served a two-year term as the President of the Volunteers of the Philadelphia Orchestra and sat on the board. Stephanie co-chaired several events such as Opening Night in 2008, the Program book for The Academy Ball in 2009 and Toys for Big Boys in 2008. She also chaired the Chestnut Hill Committee from 2008-2010 and was a committee member for The Academy of Music program book for the 2015 Ball. She currently sits on the board for The Benchmark School in Media, PA.

Stephanie enjoys staying up to date with our loyal patients, meeting new ones, and keeping in tune with the practice as a whole.