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Lip Lift In Philadelphia

Undergoing a lip lift in Philadelphia can improve the appearance of the upper lips and mouth. Dr. Brandow performs lip augmentation for patients seeking long-lasting improvements to lip definition and lip volume.

The upper lip lift is designed to shorten the length between the nose and the mouth (known as the philtrum), while also reducing the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines that contribute to an aged appearance. Upper lip augmentation can achieve subtle, yet natural-looking improvements to the mouth.

Traditionally, lip lifts were often avoided by plastic surgeons because of the risk of scarring around the mouth. Thanks to advances in technology, however, upper lip lifts can be performed with the utmost precision and minimal visible scarring. Dr. Brandow trained under two of the top United States plastic surgeons who have perfected the lip lift: Dr. Andrew Jacono and Dr. Ben Talei. Employing the modified techniques of these professionals, Dr. Brandow can achieve substantial results through lip augmentation. Additionally, Dr. Brandow can revise lip lifts gone wrong, as well as avoid the “overfilled” filler lip look seen so frequently today.

Who Is a Candidate for Lip Lift Surgery in Philadelphia?

  • If you are looking to restore volume to the upper lip.
  • If you have lipstick lines and nasolabial folds.
  • If you would like to enhance your Cupid’s bow and philtral columns.
  • If you want to shorten the length of your lower midface.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the effects of cosmetic fillers.
  • Both younger and older patients who want to enhance the appearance of their lips.

Intended Lip Augmentation Result

Upper lip augmentation is designed to achieve subtle, natural-looking improvements to your midface. Patients who undergo a lip lift can accentuate their Cupid’s bow, reduce fine lines at the corners of the mouth and increase overall lip volume. A lip lift can also reposition the upper lip to show more of your teeth, resulting in a more prominent smile. Unlike dermal fillers, which offer temporary improvements to your lips, lip augmentation can achieve long-lasting results.

Lip Lift Procedure Description

Dr. Brandow utilizes the upper lip lift technique to achieve natural-looking results. This technique involves placing a bullhorn or gull wing incision at the base of the nose. The skin is then carefully tucked up to lift the upper lip. Most lip lift patients are awake for the procedure, though lip augmentation can also be performed under twilight anesthesia, if necessary. A local anesthetic is applied to the procedure area and all incisions are hidden in the natural crease found under the base of your nose.

Recuperation and Healing from Lip Augmentation Surgery in Philadelphia

Dr. Brandow’s modified lip lift can result in less downtime and faster healing than traditional lip augmentation procedures of the past. Patients can typically resume their daily activities within a few days of treatment. Slight swelling is common and should subside within a few weeks. Lip lift patients can expect to start seeing visible results after 3 weeks and typically notice continuing improvements for up to a year.

Other Options to Enhance Lip Lift Surgery in Philadelphia

Additional facial surgery procedures can be combined with lip augmentation to further accentuate your results. Chin augmentation, facial liposuction, neck lift surgery, eyelid surgery and brow lift surgery can also be used alongside lip augmentation to achieve a more youthful appearance.

Insurance Guidelines for Lip Augmentation Surgery in Philadelphia

Upper lip lift surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. Lip augmentation patients are fully responsible for payment.

Notes on Getting a Lip Lift in Philadelphia

The exact risks and suitability of upper lip lift surgery for an individual can only be determined at the time of consultation. Every surgical procedure carries some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome of the surgery sometimes occur. Major complications are unusual.