Neck Lift In Philadelphia

Neck Lift In Philadelphia

A neck lift at the Brandow Clinic in Philadelphia can restore youthful-looking contours to the neck by targeting sagging skin and reducing unwanted neck bands. Dr. Brandow performs neck lift surgery to enhance the neck line, accentuate jawline definition and achieve long-lasting results for patients in the Philadelphia area.

Over time, the neck may begin to lose youthful-looking shape, resulting in lax skin and the formation of neck bands. These conditions can contribute to a fuller, heavier-looking chin line, as well as an older-looking appearance. Neck lift surgery is designed to restore graceful looking contours by surgically repositioning loose neck skin and tightening the underlying neck muscles.

Dr. Brandow is an accomplished neck lift surgeon with decades of facial rejuvenation experience. He strives to achieve natural-looking enhancements to your neck that complement your existing facial profile.

Who Is a Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery in Philadelphia?

• If you have sagging or drooping neck skin.
• If you are experiencing neck bands.
• If you feel lax skin is taking away from neck and chin contours.

Intended Neck Lift Result

Neck lift surgery can result in a smoother, firmer-looking neckline by reducing sagging skin and neck banding. Neck lifts are long-lasting solutions to neck laxity.

Neck Lift Procedure Description

Neck lift surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. Incisions are made around the neck area and underlying neck muscles are tightened. Additionally, Dr. Brandow can reposition and lift loose skin, while excess skin can be surgically removed.

Recuperation and Healing from Neck Lift Surgery in Philadelphia

After your neck lift, you may return home with a specialized neck dressing to be worn for the first few days. Small drain tubes may also be placed to aid in healing. Dr. Brandow will provide you with specific instructions to follow in order to optimize your neck lift recovery.

You will be given oral medications to help reduce discomfort in the initial weeks of your neck lift recovery. You can expect mild bruising and swelling to begin to subside within 10-20 days. Neck lift results can begin to be seen within 4-6 weeks of treatment and final results can usually be seen after subsequent months. There are a variety of different recuperation options and centers in the Philadelphia area that can assist in your healing process.

Other Options to Enhance Neck Lift Surgery in Philadelphia

There are many facial rejuvenation procedures that can further enhance the results of your neck lift surgery, including a facelift, chin implants, neck liposuction, eyelid surgery, chemical peels, microneedling with PRP and laser skin resurfacing. Depending on your procedure goals, Dr. Brandow can combine different facial surgery techniques for substantial improvements to your facial profile. Dr. Brandow will discuss which treatments will best suit your needs during your neck lift consultation at our Philadelphia offices.

Insurance Guidelines for Neck Lift Surgery in Philaelphia

Since neck lift surgery is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, it is not typically covered by insurance. The patient will be fully responsible for payment.

Notes on Getting a Neck Lift in Philadelphia

The specific risks of neck lift surgery, as well as the suitability of this facial rejuvenation procedure will vary depending on the individual and can only be fully determined during your neck lift consultation. It is important to remember that every surgical procedure carries a degree of risk and, in some cases, minor complications may occasionally arise. These minor complications do not typically affect the outcome of the procedure. Major complications are considered rare.