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Earlobe Repair In Philadelphia

Earlobe repair can correct torn or stretched earlobes caused by earrings or trauma. Dr. Brandow performs torn earlobe surgery to restore natural shape to the earlobes.


There are numerous causes for torn or stretched earlobes. Heavy earrings can lead to changes in shape, as well as elongated holes. Additionally, an earring may get caught on an object and cause a tear in the earlobe. Many patients experience splitting of the earlobe when sleeping with earrings, as this may result in jewelry getting caught on your pillow.

Earlobe surgery can repair tears or stretches of the earlobe for a natural-looking appearance. Patients undergoing earlobe repair can continue to wear earrings following recovery. Dr. Brandow can also perform his unique earlobe gauge repair procedure, which utilizes fat transplant techniques to add fullness to gauged earlobes.

Who is a Candidate for Earlobe Repair In Philadelphia?

• If you have torn or stretched earlobes.
• If you have large earlobe holes caused by ear gauges.

Intended Ear Lobe Surgery Result

Both ear lobe surgery and Dr. Brandow’s earlobe gauge repair can restore natural-looking shape to your earlobes. Earlobe repair is designed to yield long-lasting results.

Earlobe Surgery Procedure Description

Torn earlobe repair is usually performed under local anesthesia. Small incisions are made where the earlobe tear or stretch has occurred. The skin and tissue around your earlobes will be repositioned to create a more natural look. Dr. Brandow can surgically close holes caused by earlobe tears or stretching.

Dr. Brandow’s Earlobe Gauge Repair Procedure

Dr. Brandow developed the earlobe gauge repair procedure to restore holes caused by gauges without using incisions or cutting. Instead, earlobe gauge restoration utilizes fat transfer techniques to fill out holes using your body’s natural fat cells. During your earlobe gauge repair, a small amount of excess fat cells are taken from a donor location (usually the midsection, thighs or buttocks) using liposuction. These fat cells are then prepared and carefully reinjected into the earlobes to add natural-looking fullness.

Recuperation and Healing from Torn Earlobe Surgery

Earlobe repair patients can return home immediately following their treatment. Dr. Brandow will give you specific post-procedure instructions after your torn ear lobe surgery. Oral medications can be provided to minimize any discomfort from your earlobe repair procedure.

Most patients can resume their daily activities within a few days of recovery. It is normal for mild swelling or bruising to occur in the initial days following surgery. Patients can begin to see earlobe repair results after a few weeks, with final results being visible within a couple of months. There are numerous recuperation options and centers around the Philadelphia and Jersey Shore areas to assist in recovery, if necessary.

Other Options to Enhance Earlobe Reduction Surgery

Earlobe reduction can be used alongside other facial surgery procedures to further improve your facial profile, including a Facelift, Neck Lift, Eyelid Surgery and Chin Implants. Dr. Brandow will discuss which facial surgery options are right for you during your earlobe repair consultation.

Insurance Guidelines

Earlobe repair is normally considered a cosmetic procedure and is not usually covered by insurance. The patient may be fully responsible for earlobe surgery payment.

Notes on Getting an Earlobe Repair in Philadelphia

The specific risks and suitability of torn earlobe repair for each individual patient can only be determined during the earlobe surgery consultation. Every surgical procedure has some degree of risk, and minor complications may occur occasionally. However, these minor complications do not affect the outcome of your procedure. Major complications are unusual.

Earlobe Piercing

Earlobe piercing is often performed with a “piercing gun” by an inexperienced friend or a family member. These often result in an earring which is either incorrectly positioned, not matching or angled in the wrong direction. Dr. Brandow has developed a simple, yet sophisticated technique to avoid these problems. Numbing cream and local anesthesia are used to make this a painless procedure. This can be performed on all age groups. It’s worth it to have it done right.

Earlobe Piercing