Brandow Clinic Plastic Surgery

International Training

Dr. Brandow and the professional staff at The Brandow Clinic will provide expert consultation prior to the cosmetic procedure to determine which procedure is best for you.

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Kirk Brandow, trained and practiced in South America, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, London, and the United States

Dr. Brandow has learned to see beauty through the eyes of his patients. This allows him to pursue each patient’s unique goals—using his talent and training in service to achieve the patient’s desired results through Dr. Brandow’s expert plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Brandow’s patients in Grenada, who are primarily dark-skinned men and women, taught him about Caribbean beauty ideals. From patients in Hong Kong, Dr. Brandow learned that their preferences stemmed from Southeast Asian aesthetics. In South America, Dr. Brandow was immersed in Brazil’s multi-cultural and varying definitions of attractiveness. While, in London and the United States, Dr. Brandow became attuned to Anglo-European sentiments about what features and characteristics are considered most appealing to the senses with their shapes and proportions.

Patient Benefits of Cross-Cultural Training in Healing and Recovery

In addition to broadening his concepts and understanding what it means for each person to feel and look beautiful on her or his own terms, Dr. Brandow’s international training exposed him to a variety of methods and techniques developed to encourage healing and aid in recovery. Dr. Brandow combines the best of Southeast Asian, Caribbean, South American, European, and American body therapies and treatments to provide exceptional pre- and post-op care for all patients. These services have been offered through his medical day spa since 1997.

Training with Ivo Pitanguy, the Rembrandt of Modern Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Brandow spent three years training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Rio de Janeiro with the world renowned “Rembrandt” of modern day plastic surgery, Dr. Ivo Pitanguy.  Click here to view the Magos do Bisturi article, and click here to read the Discipulo de Pitangui article.

Dr. Brandow Featured In Magos do Bisturi        Dr. Brandow Featured In Discipulo de Pitangui


Dr. Brandow With Dr. Pitanguy

Dr. Brandow And Dr. Pitanguy

Dr. Brandow and residents with Dr. Pitanguy in Rio De Janeiro

Dr. Brandow Training In Rio

Dr. Brandow with a burn patient he reconstructed in Rio De Janeiro

Dr. Kirk Brandow In Rio

Dr. Brandow with his burn patient after the reconstruction was completed