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Dr. Brandow has collaborated with leading artists, providing plastic surgery expertise and guidance. Learn more about Dr. Brandow’s plastic surgery collaborations.

Dr. Brandow With Jonathan Yeo
Dr. Brandow
is now collaborating with celebrated English painter Jonathan Yeo, an artist who rose to prominence in the 2000′s as a contemporary portraitist, responsible for iconic paintings of Nicole Kidman, Dennis Hopper, Prince Philip, Erin O’Connor, Tony Blair, and David Cameron among others.

Jonathan Yeo has chosen Dr. Brandow amongst thousands of top international plastic surgeons to consult about the subject of plastic surgery. Their first meeting together was in his studio in London in the summer of 2011.

Sculpting With Dr. BrandowDr. Brandow is excited about this project with Mr. Yeo. As a classically trained sculptor himself, Dr. Brandow believes that a surgeon must have an integral relationship with art and beauty to be able to rejuvenate his patients in a natural way. When the outside appearance of the patient matches their inner beauty, the patient feels more comfortable about their aging and appearance. This new artistic concept of Yeo, will reflect some of the uncomfortable sides of this surgical journey, expressing the pain endured to be beautiful again.

Jonathan Yeo And Dr. Brandow

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