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Breast Implant Removal In Philadelphia

Dr. Brandow performs breast implant removal in the Philadelphia area. If you are not satisfied with your breast implant results or you need your breast implants removed for medical reasons, our plastic surgeon can perform breast augmentation reversal with natural-looking results.

Why Get My Breast Implants Removed?

There are numerous situations that require the removal of breast implants. Though modern advances in technology have led to much safer breast augmentation and fewer complications, patients may choose to remove their implants due to a variety of reasons. Some patients are simply not satisfied with the appearance of their breasts following breast augmentation and want to return to their previous look. Not every plastic surgeon is an expert at performing breast augmentation, so it is important to choose a highly-trained, experienced and qualified surgeon like Dr. Brandow when undergoing breast implant surgery to ensure that the procedure is done correctly the first time. In some cases, women may experience physical changes that make their breast implants seem disproportional to their physique and may choose to remove their implants.

Other patients require the removal of breast implants for medical reasons – whether it be the risk of rupturing, infections or capsular contracture. If your implant ruptures and begins leaking, then it should be removed as soon as possible. If your breast implant causes an infection, then it should be removed. If you are experiencing capsular contracture (the buildup of hardened scar tissue that causes pain, as well as an abnormal appearance), then it is recommended to get your breast implants removed as soon as possible.

Some patients with silicone or saline implants may be at an increased risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or ALCL. This type of cancer occurs in the scar capsule next to the implant and affects the immune system. ALCL is very rare, with approximately 1 in 500,000 women being diagnosed in the U.S. per year, according to the National Cancer Institute. Approximately 3 in 100 million develop ALCL in the breast per year in the U.S. However, if you are at increased risk of developing ALCL, then your breast implants should be removed immediately.

Dr. Brandow has over 25 years of experience performing breast implant removal and has a thorough understanding of patient anatomy. Dr. Brandow believes that breast surgery requires meticulous planning and he is dedicated to helping each and every one of his patients understand all aspects of breast surgery. Dr. Brandow can address any aesthetic or medical concerns you may have regarding your breast implants during a consultation at the Brandow Clinic in Philadelphia.

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal in Philadelphia?

  • If you have had complications with your breast implants.
  • If you are not satisfied with your appearance after undergoing breast augmentation.
  • If your body shape changes and you are no longer happy with your breast implants.
  • If you are experiencing capsular contracture.
  • If you are experiencing an infection from your breast implant procedure.
  • If your breast implant has ruptured.
  • If you are at an increased risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) from your breast implant.
  • If your breast implants need to be removed for medical reasons.

Intended Results of Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant reversal can remove your breast implants while maintaining a more natural-looking appearance. As your body changes over time, you may find that you are no longer happy with your breast implants of old. In this case, Dr. Brandow can safely remove your implants to improve the proportion of your breasts so they better fit-in with your current physique. Breast explant surgery can also help alleviate certain medical conditions (including capsular contracture and infections) and address functional issues (such as rupturing of the implant).

In some cases, patients who opt to remove their breast implants may also want to replace them with implants that better match their physique. Dr. Brandow also performs breast implant replacement surgery to remove your old breast implants and replace them with newer implants. Learn more about breast implant replacement.

Breast Implant Reversal Procedure Description

Breast implant removal is performed in Philadelphia on an outpatient basis. Either local or general anesthesia is administered, depending on the specifics of your breast implant reversal procedure. A small incision is made around the breast and your implant is removed, along with scar tissue surrounding the implant. The incision is then closed. Dr. Brandow can further discuss the specifics of your breast implant removal procedure during your consultation.

Recuperation and Healing After Removal of Breast Implants in Philadelphia

Your recovery will depend on the specifics of your breast implant reversal procedure. Generally speaking, patients can expect some bruising and swelling to occur in the weeks following the removal of breast implants. Discomfort can be controlled with oral medication. Sutures are typically removed in 7-12 days and light activities can be resumed as tolerated.

Insurance Guidelines for Breast Implant Removal in Philadelphia

Breast implant removal is often considered a cosmetic procedure and is not always covered by insurance. However, there may be specific medical instances where breast implant removal may be covered (or partially covered) by insurance. We recommend you contact your health care provider to discuss whether your procedure will be covered.

Notes on Getting Breast Implants Removed in Philadelphia

The suitability and risks of undergoing breast implant removal can only be determined at the time of your consultation. All surgical procedures carry some degree of risk and minor complications that do not affect the outcome may occasionally arise. Major complications are considered rare.