Breast Enhancement

Dr. Brandow offers breast surgery to improve the size and shape of your breasts, lift the breasts and reduce breast size.

Breast augmentation utilizes breast implants to achieve larger, fuller-looking breasts. Breast implants can be customized to best fit your body type. While there are a variety of breast implant types, our plastic surgeon uses saline implants to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency for breast augmentation patients. In addition to breast implants, Dr. Brandow also offers breast lift surgery to raise the breasts and improve sagging. Breast lift surgery can be performed either as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with breast augmentation for comprehensive results. Breast reduction is also offered for patients who would like to reduce the size of overly-large breasts.

Breast enhancement has helped patients restore confidence in their appearance by addressing a number of cosmetic concerns. Patients who are bothered by drooping breasts due to aging, substantial weight loss or the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding may be candidates for breast lift surgery. Those looking to achieve larger, shapelier breasts can undergo breast implant surgery at one of our Brandow Clinic locations in Philadelphia or the Jersey Shore. These innovative breast enhancement procedures can yield long-lasting improvements in definition.

Dr. Brandow has decades of experience performing breast surgery, having successfully placed thousands of breast implants over the course of his career. Our dedicated team of breast surgery experts are available to answer any questions you may have regarding breast augmentation, breast implants, breast lifts or breast reduction. Choose a breast enhancement option below to learn more and get started.